Testicle Torture Vids & Forced Ejaculations

This video is the latest in a series of testicle torture vids involving forced ejaculations. A forced ejaculation is where a mistress uses ball tying or other testicle torture techniques combined with forceful handjobs until the guy is forced to cum. The idea is that the more erect the cock becomes, the more painful the balls will become due to the swelling. When the sub is stimulated so much that he is forced to ejaculate, the ejaculation becomes painful as well as incredibly intense. This is something which should not be tried at home (unless you've done your homework and understand how to do it safely); you have been warned!

Testicle Torture Vids

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In this testicle torture and forced ejaculation vid the mistress is a sexy BBW with huge tits. She expertly ties the guy's cock and balls before beginning to stimulate him with a very expert handjob. She even uses her big tits on his cock to get him to swell up and to make the restrictions on his balls tighten. She then brings him close to orgasm several times before eventually forcing him to ejaculate.

The intensity of the pain and pleasure in this guy's ejaculation is evident in the loud cry that emits from somewhere deep inside him as begins to shoot his spunk. With the first muscular spasm there is an ear splitting groan and you can see his entire body jump up off the table. This is followed by a series of painful thrusts and muscle spasms as thin white liquid leaks from the end of the guy's cock and onto the mistress' hands.

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