Tied Cock And Balls Video

Tied Cock And Balls

Expertly Tied Cock & Balls - Watch Here

If you are looking for great videos of expertly tied cock and balls then look no further than today's video download of the day. As you can see, this lady knows how to get a guy's cock and balls tied up nicely! She takes a lot of care and precision to ensure the balls are lifted and separated before wrapping the base of the cock and tying it off in a nice little package. With the guy's cock and balls tightly tied up she begins to tease the tip of his cock and you can see an intense mix of pleasure and pain in the guy's face as the blood starts to flow into his tightly wrapped genitals.

Pleasure & Pain Testicle Torture - Click Here

Ball Torture Video - Testicles Tied With Nylons

Testicle Torture

Tied Testicles Video - Watch Here

In this cock and ball torture video a guy gets his testicles tied with a pair of nylons whilst tied to a bench to stop him moving. Nylons are an excellent choice for ball tying because of the feel and the stretchiness - allowing the blood to pump into the cock and balls and trapping it there. This type of ball tying causes intense rock hard erections that can be quite painful - especially with the judicious use of ball tugging and twisting from an experienced Mistress. If you want to see an expert in the use of nylons for cock and ball torture then download this video on the link below...

Balls Tied with Nylons - Click Here

Tied Testicles & BDSM Cock Torture Video

Today we have another video for you involving tied testicles and BDSM cock torture. The scene involves a male slave being restrained upside down by his Mistress - giving her easy access to his cock and balls. The Mistress takes her time teasing his cock whilst whipping his body and spanking his naked ass to get him warmed up. She then begins to direct her spanks closer and closer to his testicles until she is slapping him directly on his ball bag.

Tied Testicles

Tied Testicles Video - Click Here

After a few good slaps to the gonads the slave is already in a heightened state of sensitivity. His cock is semi-erect from the slapping and the Mistress takes it in her hand and starts to jerk it into full hardness. As the guy's cock becomes engorged the Mistress begins to wrap his balls in rope. She ties him expertly, separating his balls and pulling them away from his body. All the time she keeps him hard so as to trap the maximum volume of blood in his cock.

If you want to see the whole video of this guy getting his testicles tied, including a pretty painful looking cumshot, then all you have to do is follow this link...

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BDSM Testicle Torture & Slave Training

This slave training video features some hot BDSM testicle torture that I know you guys are going to love. This guy gets restrained by one of the hottest young Mistresses around and gets his balls tied tightly and tortured. The sexy Domme first prepares the guys balls by warming them in her hands and massaging them so that they are nice and loose and can be pulled away from his body. You can see from the way the guy's cock rises to attention that she has a nice touch. But this soft approach is just a tease so that she can get a good grip of his testicles ready for the real torture to begin.

BDSM Testicle Torture

BDSM Testicle Torture - Click Here

Having loosened up his balls the hot Mistress takes a piece of string and begins to tie the guy's ball sack. She wraps the string around both balls, pulling them further and further away from his body. As the string gets tighter his balls become like two nuts squashed into a tiny sack. His taught scrotum turns purple and enflamed as it stretches over his squashed testicles. The guy's cock begins to shrink as he struggles with the pain but the Mistress wraps her hand around it and jerks it back to full hardness. This only serves to tighten the string more and the slave is then just where his Mistress wants him - stuck in a fine balance between pleasure and pain.

You can watch this superb BDSM testicle torture and slave training video right now on this link...

Slave Training Video - Click Here

Testicle Torture Vids & Forced Ejaculations

This video is the latest in a series of testicle torture vids involving forced ejaculations. A forced ejaculation is where a mistress uses ball tying or other testicle torture techniques combined with forceful handjobs until the guy is forced to cum. The idea is that the more erect the cock becomes, the more painful the balls will become due to the swelling. When the sub is stimulated so much that he is forced to ejaculate, the ejaculation becomes painful as well as incredibly intense. This is something which should not be tried at home (unless you've done your homework and understand how to do it safely); you have been warned!

Testicle Torture Vids

Testicle Torture Vid - Click Here

In this testicle torture and forced ejaculation vid the mistress is a sexy BBW with huge tits. She expertly ties the guy's cock and balls before beginning to stimulate him with a very expert handjob. She even uses her big tits on his cock to get him to swell up and to make the restrictions on his balls tighten. She then brings him close to orgasm several times before eventually forcing him to ejaculate.

The intensity of the pain and pleasure in this guy's ejaculation is evident in the loud cry that emits from somewhere deep inside him as begins to shoot his spunk. With the first muscular spasm there is an ear splitting groan and you can see his entire body jump up off the table. This is followed by a series of painful thrusts and muscle spasms as thin white liquid leaks from the end of the guy's cock and onto the mistress' hands.

To watch this testicle torture and forced ejaculation video right now, just follow this link...

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