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100 New Femdom Videos - The English Mansion

Guys, I have just heard that Mistress Sidonia from The English Mansion is doing a special Xmas promo involving two feature updates per day over the next 50 days (starts today, 22nd Nov 2012). That's 100 brand new scenes featuring 25 different Dominas in total. You won't get a better offer than this for a long time so jump on it now while you've got the chance.

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CBT Extreme

Free Extreme CBT Video from The English Mansion

As a special treat for Valentine's Day Mistress Sidonia of The English Mansion has released the first part of her new video 'CBT Extreme' as a free sample video. The video features one of her slaves suspended upside down with his swollen purple cock tied tightly whilst Mistress Sidonia whips his cock hard with a leather whip before bringing out her electro probe. You can watch this free video right now by following the link below...

CBT Extreme

Free CBT Extreme Pt1 - Click Here

As an extra bonus you also get to see the trailer for another new video entitled Metal Stiletto where Mistress Sonia engages in some of the most extreme femdom CBT you are ever likely to see. This includes the use of of her metal stiletto heel as a 'sound' that is inserted into her slave's urethra. There is also a section where the metal heels are electrified in order to shock the guy's cock! Just follow the link above to watch the whole thing right now.

Extreme Cock And Ball Torture Movie

Extreme Cock And Ball Torture

Clothes Pegs on Scrotum - Watch Here

This extreme cock and ball torture movie is another addition to our collection of testicle torture videos.  The movie features a guy having his scrotum tortured with clothes pegs before getting his cock and balls tied and finally having hot wax dripped over his tied balls. For those of you who are into pushing the pain threshold this video should give you a few ideas. It also helps that the Mistress administering the painful CBT is a gorgeous dark haired babe of about twenty-five with a body that is out of this world. Even if you're not into the hardcore pain element you should download this video just to see this babe in her sexy Dominatrix outfit!

You can download this extreme cock and ball torture movie by clicking this link...

Hot Dominatrix Ball Torture - Click Here

Extreme Testicle Torture & Squeezing Video

Extreme Testicle Torture

Extreme Testicle Torture - Watch Here

This video involves some pretty extreme testicle torture and ball squeezing that is certainly not for the fainthearted. On the other hand, if you like your testicle torture to be of the more extreme kind then this should be right up your street. The video involves a guy getting his balls squashed by a woman wearing fishnet stockings and high heels and will appeal to the foot fetishists out there as well as aficionados of ball torture. If you like the idea of a sexy long-legged babe in fishnets crushing your balls with the pointed tip of her stiletto then download this video now by clicking the link below...

Ball Squeezing Video - Click Here

Women Squeezing Balls & Cock Torturing

Women Squeezing Testicles

Ball Squeezing Handjob - Watch Here

If you like videos of women squeezing balls and cock torturing handjobs then this video download will be just what you are looking for. In this video, two women give a guy a painful handjob involving lots of ball squeezing and twisting as well as some pretty painful looking cock torture. It takes some skill to be able to give a really good handjob that mixes pain and pleasure so it is surprising to find two girls who are equally expert and read the guy's signals perfectly. They make sure he is sufficiently aroused before turning up the pain dial and both seem to sense just how far they can push him!

You can watch this video of two women squeezing balls and cock torturing by following this link...

Women Squeezing Balls Video - Click Here